• Coding Instructor
    Selby County Library

    Teaching a weekly coding class for kids ages 9 & up. Using Scratch as a platform to demonstrate basic coding concepts like variables, syntax, data types, and control structures.

  • Mentor / Team Leader
    Education Foundation of Sarasota

    Volunteered a few days at their #SRQHacks Hackathon event. Truly impressed and inspired by the imagination and industriousness of these kids! Really enjoyed working with the team mentors and other volunteers. I will definitely offering my time with Education Foundation of Sarasota County in the future - what a great organization.

  • STEM Fair Competition Judge
    Education Foundation of Sarasota

    Judged multiple STEM competition exhibits for content and presentation for middle school and high school students. This included a brief interview with students regarding their projects. There were a few future Elon Musks and Bill Gates at this event. After what I saw at these competitions, our future is in EXCELLENT hands!

I met Ed when he offered to volunteer for a few hours to help us set up for a weekend-long high tech event for students. A few hours of volunteering turned into an entire weekend and then many more follow-up events. This exemplifies the essence of Ed; he has been generous with his time helping students, most especially by peaking their interest in STEM.

Lori Aberle Gentile