Ranae Zauner

Ranae ZaunerFreelance Graphic Designer

I met Ed several years ago through graphic design classes taken at Fresno City College. Since, I have been hired by Ed to help out with several different design projects. It has always been a pleasure to work with Ed, as he has a great work ethic, is a great designer, and always determined to push himself further. I will ask for his input if I am stuck on a project, or am looking tough criticism. His integrity, since of design, and creativity in problem solving make Ed a great person to work with in any situation.

Nancy Johnston

Nancy JohnstonCEO, No Limits Interactive

Ed is a stellar example of an excellent client who understands that partnering with a vendor is the best way to use each entities’ respective talents to be efficient, innovative and effective. Ed’s responsibility with NLI is to oversee web development and operations that we do for SleepFit. In that role he is intelligent, he spends time understanding what it is we’re supposed to be doing, he asks the right questions, and he steers each project in the right direction–not only with us–but internally through executive channels. Ed is a joy to work with. Knowledgeable, productive, encouraging, inquisitive and realizes that what we’re doing isn’t brain surgery. Oh, and the best part, Ed knows how to rock a kilt! I highly recommend Mr. Panas.

Patrick Wolf

Patrick WolfManager, Bedgear

Edward is a thoughtful and thorough merchandiser, marketer, and buyer for his company. His passion is the success of the company without sacrificing product quality, customer service, or the welfare of fellow employees. All of those professional compliments are topped by his genuinely positive attitude. Edward is just a fun person to be around and brings out the best in everyone.

John ScottVice President of Sales, Sleep Fit Corporation

Having the pleasure to have worked directly with Edward over the last eighteen years and two separate companies, I would consider Edward a prime example of the phrase “Hard work pays off”. I personally witnessed Edward work his way to the top. Starting as a Warehouse Manager,then excelled his way to Assistant Buyer, to Buyer, to Operations Manager to Vice President of Operations. I can say I have never seen an employee give as much to a company as Edward. He is relentless in his pursuit to lead his team on the path of success through strategic planning and preparation. He is detail and task oriented. Edward has an in depth knowledge in ALL aspects of the Furniture business. As a leader in the work field his staff has always had the up most respect for his leadership qualities. He is the type of leader that will not ask any employee to do something his wouldn’t do (or hasn’t already done) himself. Giving up is not an option with Edward in both business and his personal passions. Highly competitive, yet incredibly friendly, funny and very approachable. A true asset to ANY company.

Paul Wilson

Paul WilsonOwner, Four States Furniture

I met Ed through a peer performance group in 2012. I know Ed to be a highly intelligent and energetic leader capable of most anything he puts his mind to doing. Ed has a great personality and easily fits in well with people from different backgrounds and interests. He has been a valued addition to our group and his business insights and experience is among the best I’ve known.

Eric Lanning

Eric LanningLead Tech, C-Systems IT

I have worked with Edward several times regarding the computer systems and network operations within the main office of SleepFit. Each time Edward has been conscious of the need for improvements, while keeping the budget in mind. Edward is a focused individual who knows how to complete projects on time, within a confined budget, and have fun while doing it!

Karen Vogan

Karen VoganVice President of Marketing

I met Ed during my VP days at USBA as he handled our SEO AND Search Strategy as part of the NLI team. I felt very fortunate we had him working for US vs the competition because Ed is extremely smart and knowledgeable. I learned something every time I conversed with him. He is very much aware of the Search Engine world in every way from trends to strategy. Something else I appreciated about Ed … he absolutely LOVES WHAT HE DOES! You can tell he is passionate about the work he does and truly enjoys it. That has a great impact for those around him because it inspires us. He is also honest, has a great sense of humor and gets along with everyone. You’ll be lucky to have on your team.

Ted Ferry

Ted FerryState Farm – Agent

I am thankful for the time I spent working with Ed. He wasorganized, smart and very effective. He was a partner in coming upwith solutions to any issues my company had at the time.

Jennifer Sams

Jennifer SamsDirector of Marketing and Communications at Education Foundation of Sarasota County

I first had the pleasure of meeting Ed when he registered to volunteer and set-up for a hackathon event my organization was planning. Ed heard about the event through some colleagues who signed up to work with 13-18 year old students to build an impactful mobile app. When event set-up was over and student/mentor teams were beginning to form, I noticed that Ed had stuck around, diving in to work with a team. Throughout the weekend long event, I learned that Ed is a passionate, dedicated and talented team player. He helped transform every single student on his team from shy and unsure to bold and confident. He helped us reach our goal to expose students to different careers and equip them with skills needed to pursue them. Ed didn’t stop at the hackathon. Before the event ended, Ed was asking me how he could get involved further. Ed quickly signed up to teach a coding class to students at Selby Library. He also volunteered as a judge for our STEM Fair and Summit. His willingness to jump in and use his expertise to enhance our education system is remarkable. I can honestly say Ed has helped elevate our organization and provide opportunities for students that otherwise, they would have never had. He has a way with connecting with people and getting them excited about what he’s teaching. If you have the chance to work with Ed, don’t hesitate for a moment. I promise he will change your life like he did mine.