John ScottVice President of Sales, Sleep Fit Corporation

Having the pleasure to have worked directly with Edward over the last eighteen years and two separate companies, I would consider Edward a prime example of the phrase “Hard work pays off”. I personally witnessed Edward work his way to the top. Starting as a Warehouse Manager,then excelled his way to Assistant Buyer, to Buyer, to Operations Manager to Vice President of Operations. I can say I have never seen an employee give as much to a company as Edward. He is relentless in his pursuit to lead his team on the path of success through strategic planning and preparation. He is detail and task oriented. Edward has an in depth knowledge in ALL aspects of the Furniture business. As a leader in the work field his staff has always had the up most respect for his leadership qualities. He is the type of leader that will not ask any employee to do something his wouldn’t do (or hasn’t already done) himself. Giving up is not an option with Edward in both business and his personal passions. Highly competitive, yet incredibly friendly, funny and very approachable. A true asset to ANY company.