Donald Gruber

Donald GruberSales Manager at Diamond Mattress Co.

Ed is a strategic professional who is well organized and is a very effective communicator. These skills, along with his analyticaltalents, helped execute initiatives with Sleep Fit (Mattress Land). I always appreciated his straight forward approach to solving challenges and look forward to working with Ed in the future.

Larry Shinkle

Larry ShinkleVP of Sales at L&P

Ed has always impressed me with his diverse array of skills and proficiency when having to task each one. I have also been impressed by Ed as a detailed and intelligent businessman with superb communication skills. I have always enjoyed working with Ed on any project.

Lori Aberle Gentile

Lori Aberle Gentile Learning & Development Consultant | Senior Leadership Coach | Corporate Learning

I met Ed when he offered to volunteer for a few hours to help us set up for a weekend-long high tech event for students.   A few hours of volunteering turned into an entire weekend and then many more follow-up events. This exemplifies the essence of Ed; he has been generous with his time helping students, most especially by peaking their interest in STEM. He seems to have a natural talent for asking the right questions to help students think about the challenge at hand, propose possible options, and then select the best options. It has been and will continue to be a pleasure and honor to work with Ed.

Jennifer J. Beam

Jennifer J. Beam, MBA Management at Jaqua Realtors

Ed is a go-getter. I’ve known him for a few years and have seen him set goals, work hard, and achieve what he set out to do. Disclaimer: he’s my future brother-in-law. That being said, we have had numerous in-depth discussions about business, marketing, and all things “tech”. Coming from similar backgrounds and seeing first hand Ed’s drive I would gladly accept an opportunity to collaborate with him on a professional level.

Sean Bergman

Sean BergmanChief Marketing Officer at PureCare®

I have had the pleasure of working with Ed over the last 6 months. He is an excellent distribution manager, and works closely with his vendor partners to ensure that product is received and maintained effectively. Ed was also key in the Aireloom roll – out at Mattress Land, coordinating deliveries of product and POP, supporting our product, and helping choose the product line. He is always available for questions, concerns and support. Ed is an integral part of the success of Mattress Land.

Warren Coomber

Warren CoomberVP of National Accounts at Spring Air International

Over the 14 years that I’ve known Ed, the one word I would use to describe his approach to ANY task before him is “Detailed.” Whether it be in training and developing Mattress Land’s Warehouse Staff or in his handling the purchasing from each of their Vendors – his attention to detail is unparalleled. To that I would also add the word “Conscientious” – as the way Ed interacts with both his friends and colleagues. His communication is clear and focuses on mutual understanding – working toward solutions that are beneficial to everyone involved. When you combine Ed’s sense of humor, easy going personality and amazing creativity to the above mentioned traits – you have the makings for both a terrific friend and a business partner, as well.

Maria PetrovskiBusiness Development Manager, Phoenix A.M.D

I have had the pleasure of working with Edward as a vendor partner over the past year. Ed is an extremely professional Distribution Manager at Mattress Land. He has been an excellent resource, as he has extensive knowledge of every aspect of his business. When called on, Ed is quick to respond to anything asked of him. Ed would be a great asset to any company.

John Gregg

John GreggPresident, Matress Land Inc

I worked with Ed Panas for over fifteen years. Ed was part of the management team that took our company from a one store start up to a very successful regional chain with twenty locations in five states. Ed’s dedication and hard work made a large contribution to our growth and profitabiliy.