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Welcome to Selling Sarasota Podcast!

In every episode Shelley lays the smackdown on misinformation and delivers key insights into local real estate. Grab your notepad, sunscreen and flip flops! Its time to listen and learn how to successfully buy and sell homes in Sarasota, Florida so you too can enjoy living in paradise! Shelley is a licensed REALTOR® with Century 21 Beggins Enterprises in Sarasota.

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    • PodFest Multimedia Expo 2019 March 13, 2019
      This was the best PodFest EVER! Well, except Shelley wasn't there, so it had a major downside for Ed.  =( This year PodFest was bigger with more speakers, more vendors, and more attendees than ever before!  If you are thinking about starting a podcast in 2019 then you need to join a local podcasters meetup, […]
      Shelley and Edward Panas
    • Shelley's Battle with Cancer March 7, 2019
      On February 9th we celebrated our 1st year anniversary in podcasting!  Though we had a great first year in podcasting, 2018 proved to be full of more challenges than we expected. In June of 2018 our show's host was diagnosed with breast cancer. That is about the time we took our short hiatus.  Ed quit […]
      Shelley and Edward Panas
    • Why no episode this week? February 22, 2019
      Why was there no episode this week? Due to Ed's extreme motivation in his job search, he forgot to edit our episode this week. (He didn't know it was Friday already today.) We'll be back next week with a new episode! Please enjoy one of our absolute favorite episodes from PodFest18 last year.  
      Shelley and Edward Panas
    • It's our ONE YEAR PODIVERSARY! February 13, 2019
      Hard to believe it's been a year! Our first episode was released on Feb 9th 2018 which we launched while attending Podfest pod in Orlando. To celebrate our first year as podcasters we decided to take a break from our normal format to discuss our first year in podcasting featuring some very kind words from […]
      Shelley and Ed Panas
    • St Pete Podcasters February 7, 2019
      A great evening with St. Pete Podcasters! This week we took a break from real estate to visit our friends Robyn Sayles and Diane Kutz of St. Pete Podcasters at their monthly meetup at Pinellas Ale Works! We gave a short presentation about how we got started in podcasting including gear, software, and hosting services […]
      Shelley & Ed Panas
    • Clean It Up! - How to get your home ready for sale. January 30, 2019
      What do we mean by 'clean it up'?  Today Shelley shares her best practices of how customers should prepare their home for sale including removing clutter, giving the house a thorough cleaning, deodorizing, and clearing out overly crowded storage spaces.
      Shelley and Ed Panas
    • A Closer Look - Should you get a pre-listing inspection? January 23, 2019
      "But why would we get an inspection before the house is on the market? Isn't that the buyers problem?" In today's episode Shelley explains how a pre-listing inspection can help you avoid unpleasant surprises when selling your home.  She also explains the benefits of including a home warranty in the sale of your home.  Meanwhile […]
      Shelley and Ed Panas
    • Real Estate Agents - what can they do for you? January 18, 2019
      Today we kick off the new season with the first episode of our 2019 season.  Shelley gives you all the reasons you should hire a real estate agent (or REALTOR®).  Ed shares his news about becoming a REALTOR® struggles with why REALTOR® is spelled "REALTOR®". Production note:  At the end of 2018 we finalized our production […]
      Shelley and Ed Panas
    • Happy New Year 2019! January 1, 2019
      HAPPY NEW YEAR 2019! We have had an exciting year in 2018 with some changes and challenges along the way.  In this week's episode we close out 2018 with a quick year in review with highlights including starting this podcast, Ed getting his real estate sales license, and us moving into a new home (and […]
      Shelley and Edward Panas
    • Christmas in Sarasota 2018 December 22, 2018
      As Christmas Day is just around the corner we took a quick break from the hustle and bustle of last minute real estate deals to check out some of the local holiday events around Sarasota this week! This is DEFINITELY NOT an all encompassing ultimate guide to the holiday events around town, just a few […]
      Shelley and Ed Panas