What I'm doing NOW

My primary focus for 2017 is trying new activities that scare me, provides value to my community, and will require me to acquire or hone a new skill. To that end, this is what I am working on:

Teaching Coding to Kids

I am teaching a 10 week coding class at our local library for kids from age 8 years & up. I've never taught kids and I've never taught code. After observing my success with the first half of the class the community program director at the library hired me to teach a follow up coding course over the summer.

Public Speaking / Performing

I joined Toastmasters in mid-February and have been actively to overcome my fear of public speaking and after a few weeks speaking / teaching is easily my absolute favorite thing to do! I also have been taking Expressive Speaking classes at Florida State Theater.


After a few years of thinking about creating a podcast I am launching my first podcast in April called "Fun for 5 bucks - with Ed & Jim" with my good friend Jim. It is a comedy show featuring interesting, helpful, and odd things you can buy on the Internet for five dollars. We will spotlight items on Fiverr.com each week. We are in post-production right now.

Web Design / Freelance

This personal website is new for 2017 too. After owning my domain for 10 years I committed to creating a website for networking and possibly an upcoming job search. I currently work remotely for a couple companies in California from my home in Florida.

Thanks to Derek Sivers for his amazing work in philosophy that has helped me through some tough decisions over the past few years.

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)