About Me

So, what do I do exactly?

It took me 15 years into my career to figure this out. Why fifteen years? Because I was too busy working to worry about my career. I had a great job with a growing company so I wasn’t concerned with “pursuing my dream” or “following my passion”. My dream was to provide for my family and my passion was working as hard as I could every single day to make that dream a reality.

That’s what I do. Regardless of my current job, I get up early every single day, six days a week, and work as hard as I possibly can to add value and achieve results. I bring the same passion to every challenge I take on. Large scale success is built on a long series of smaller daily victories. I achieve these results through drive, tenacity, and focus.

How did I get here?

Hell, I don’t know. My career from college through the 20 years I spent at my first job and the past 5 years of full-time freelance work has been a series of finding solutions for expensive business problems leveraing web-based technology. I am a business generalist with specialized skills in marketing, design, and code.

Why such a broad array of skills? I am lucky enough to have a combination of insatiable curiosity, fierce tenacity, and a high energy level that makes acquiring new skills fairly easy for me. Plus I really enjoy coffee and don’t like to sleep very much.

Stuff I am good at.

As much as I dislike rattling off an inventory of my skills, for the sake of brevity and ease of reviewing I have listed them below by category.

  • Web Development

    HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, UI/UX, PHP, MySQL and WordPress. Currently studying SASS, React, Node, & Angular.

  • Digital Marketing

    SEO,SEM,Google Analytics, Google Ads (formerly AdWords), Google My Business, Social Media Advertising (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Yelp)

  • Design

    Web Graphics, Motion Graphics, Print Design

  • Media Production
  • Video (live and recorded), Audio recording and post, Podcasting

  • Business & Communication

    Public Speaking, Training, Management, Business Operations (Logistics, IT, Finanace)

  • Software Tools

    Microsoft Office (expert level using Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Publisher), Adobe Creative Cloud (Illustrator, Photoshop, Audition, Premiere Pro, Dreamweaver), Code Editors & Management (Brackets, Atom, Sublime Text, and Git/GitHub

What can I do for you?

Lots actually. After years of being a frustrated “Jack-of-all-trades” I have finally embraced being a high performing generalist. While I specialize in a few areas I enjoy having a wide variety of skills. The real benefit of having a broad range of knowledge is I can jump into different roles to get a project off the ground and when its time to hire an expert I can communicate with them regarding the scope and budget of the project.

I am currently working primarily with freelance clients, but I am open to working full-time as an independent contractor or on staff as an employee for the right situation. For more details on hiring me please visit my Hire Me page.

What I do for fun. =)

I am adding this section because every guru with a video about personal branding recommended it. When I am not working I like to just unwind and relax. Most of the time my this involves getting out in nature and enjoying some fresh air. I like running, hiking, and cycling the most, but also enjoy kayaking or camping trips when my schedule permits. My favorite indoor hobbies are reading, watching movies, and listening to podcasts.

As much as I like to think I take time off, I can’t resist volunteering with local organizations like Education Foundation of Sarasota, Selby Library, Easterseals, Nate’s Honor Animal Rescue, and First Lego League.