How to Build Links in 2019

My first go at curated content.

Source: Search Engine Journal article “How to Build Links in 2019“.

So this is my first run at writing a blog post about something interesting I read on one of the several search marketing websites I read daily. Search Engine Journal is one of my favorites because of the sheer volume of articles they publish in a variety of topics.

This time of year they tend to have great suggestions on how to make the most of the new year. Some of the articles are about tactics / strategies and some of them are focused on Google trends in SEO or PPC. This article does a great job in covering a somewhat convoluted topic – LINK BUILDING.

This is a blockquote – I like these.

A link building strategy that is most relevant for 2019 is to identify problems that need solving then creating content that solves those problems. This can be the heart of a link building strategy.

Roger Montti, Search Engine Journal

I tend to like articles with numbered lists because it’s easier to sort though the ideas quickly. In this article they break link building down into 5 tips:

  1. Cultivate Natural Citations with Solution Pages
  2. Don’t Be a Virus – Be Useful
  3. Build Relationships with People Not Sites
  4. Link Begging
  5. Become the Site You Want a Link From

It ends with the key takeaway of Focus on People. Every presentation I’ve given clients about SEO and content marketing is built around the idea of building content for humans, not machines. While you can fake it for a while targeting the web crawlers your long term success won’t last as long as if you provide value for the human visitors.

Noting earth shattering about this first curated post. I typically share links to articles directly on my social media accounts, but I am considering curating content on core topics and expanding it with my own insights. This entire website is an experiment for me, so we will see how it goes.