A taste of my own medicine

Work Harder header graphic

When it comes to web design I am the epitome of the landscaper who’s yard looks terrible because he’s too busy working to mow his own lawn.

While working on my website today started out great but by the afternoon I was down a rabbit hole chasing several typography & color scheme options. To break free of the web design squirrel I was chasing I decided to focus on the navigation and content. Content. The entire reason I wanted to have my own website was to have a place to create and aggregate CONTENT.

It’s not to show off my web design abilities – the design portion of web development is one of my weaker skill sets. Looking at what I did with our website for Selling Sarasota Podcastusing the site provided by Libsyn I realized I can just use a well-designed template for WordPress and configure it as a traditional blog with an About and a Contact page.

I am making the changes with the WordPress app on my phone while in bed. Partly to test the WP app but mostly because I’m too lazy to drag myself out of bed.

Why am I calling this post “a taste of my own medicine”? Because I’m also advising clients and colleagues to keep it simple and stay focused. I’ve done neither over the past week while working on the website.