Time to play with photos!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week so I didn’t get as far down the road with my website as I hoped, but I find a few gigs for some extra side cash. Today I created panel pages for my front page layout and experimented with a contact form, some photos, and responsive block layouts using Gutenberg in WordPress.

First, here are the “Before & After” shots of my progress today.

Feb 1st – BEFORE
Feb 1st – AFTER

What I worked on today:

  • Switched the home page from my blog listing to a static front page.
  • Using a child theme of ‘Shoreditch’ I created a panel page layout using sub-pages for each section.
  • Uploaded a few images and experimented with how to display them on the home page.
  • Added a contact form to the home page. It is the same exact form on the Contact page so I will experiment with Google Tag Manager on how to differentiate between where form submissions are sent from. A workaround would be to just have two forms, but then that’s not really the best design.
  • I embedded a list of recent blog posts into the blog section panel on the home page using a plugin “Widgets on Pages” which makes content placement a bit more flexible.
  • I embedded a YouTube video from my channel “Ed’s Got a Green Screen” using the built-in block in the editor. Seems to work pretty well. (Please feel free to stop by and SUBSCRIBE!)

What’s next?

  • More images.
  • More home page layout fun.
  • Experimenting with typography.
  • Finish navigation.
  • Add lots of content!