Speaking at Podfest 2019!


Me at 5:30 a.m. today.

I had this realization early this morning when I was getting into my office. This time last year we were just recovering from the great time we had at PodFest18 and scrambling to get the podcast wheels turning for our next 6 episodes. One of my goals leaving the conference last year was to be a speaker this year, so I was STOKED when I got my notification that I would be on a panel this year. The session schedules just came out recently and I am excited to be sharing the stage with some very accomplished podcasters and podcast producers on the tech discussion panel – John Largent, William Howell, Carey Green, Danny Ozment.

I am very grateful to my good friends Chris Krimitsos and John Dennis for this opportunity and look forward to thoroughly enjoying my time in Orlando this year with my wife (and co-host) Shelley. Can’t wait to see my podcasting family at this conference!

If you love podcasting and have any interest in starting a podcast of your own this is THE EVENT to attend this year! PodFest 2019 – don’t miss out!

Finally done. (for now)

This weekend I put finishing touches on my new personal branding website. There will be tweaks and updates, but as my wife’s mom used to say “its good enough for who it’s for”.

What’s next?

This week I won’t have as much contract work in my schedule so I’ll be able to focus more on my job search. I’ve applied at a few places, but this week I’m going to be dedicating a few hours each day to it. When I’m not applying for jobs I’ll either be networking, doing online training courses, or hustling up more freelance gigs to keep the lights on a bit longer…and pay for my coffee bill.

As always if you know of anyone who is hiring or needs a website built please have them contact me at edforhire.com or contactedward.com


Because sometimes you need more than coffee to wake up.

Time is running out – Jocko Willink

I started following Jocko about a year or so ago when I heard him on a few podcasts (Tim Ferriss, Joe Rogan’s, etc.). I became sold on his philosophy of “discipline = freedom” when I read his book “Extreme Ownership”. If you’re looking for something a bit more direct with less fluff than most self-help gurus provide I recommend following Jocko on Twitter and YouTube.

Link Building Mastery

How to Build Links in 2019

My first go at curated content.

Source: Search Engine Journal article “How to Build Links in 2019“.

So this is my first run at writing a blog post about something interesting I read on one of the several search marketing websites I read daily. Search Engine Journal is one of my favorites because of the sheer volume of articles they publish in a variety of topics.

This time of year they tend to have great suggestions on how to make the most of the new year. Some of the articles are about tactics / strategies and some of them are focused on Google trends in SEO or PPC. This article does a great job in covering a somewhat convoluted topic – LINK BUILDING.

This is a blockquote – I like these.

A link building strategy that is most relevant for 2019 is to identify problems that need solving then creating content that solves those problems. This can be the heart of a link building strategy.

Roger Montti, Search Engine Journal

I tend to like articles with numbered lists because it’s easier to sort though the ideas quickly. In this article they break link building down into 5 tips:

  1. Cultivate Natural Citations with Solution Pages
  2. Don’t Be a Virus – Be Useful
  3. Build Relationships with People Not Sites
  4. Link Begging
  5. Become the Site You Want a Link From

It ends with the key takeaway of Focus on People. Every presentation I’ve given clients about SEO and content marketing is built around the idea of building content for humans, not machines. While you can fake it for a while targeting the web crawlers your long term success won’t last as long as if you provide value for the human visitors.

Noting earth shattering about this first curated post. I typically share links to articles directly on my social media accounts, but I am considering curating content on core topics and expanding it with my own insights. This entire website is an experiment for me, so we will see how it goes.

Lots of pills with a thermometer

A taste of my own medicine

Work Harder header graphic

When it comes to web design I am the epitome of the landscaper who’s yard looks terrible because he’s too busy working to mow his own lawn.

While working on my website today started out great but by the afternoon I was down a rabbit hole chasing several typography & color scheme options. To break free of the web design squirrel I was chasing I decided to focus on the navigation and content. Content. The entire reason I wanted to have my own website was to have a place to create and aggregate CONTENT.

It’s not to show off my web design abilities – the design portion of web development is one of my weaker skill sets. Looking at what I did with our website for Selling Sarasota Podcastusing the site provided by Libsyn I realized I can just use a well-designed template for WordPress and configure it as a traditional blog with an About and a Contact page.

I am making the changes with the WordPress app on my phone while in bed. Partly to test the WP app but mostly because I’m too lazy to drag myself out of bed.

Why am I calling this post “a taste of my own medicine”? Because I’m also advising clients and colleagues to keep it simple and stay focused. I’ve done neither over the past week while working on the website.

Time to play with photos!

It’s been a bit of a crazy week so I didn’t get as far down the road with my website as I hoped, but I find a few gigs for some extra side cash. Today I created panel pages for my front page layout and experimented with a contact form, some photos, and responsive block layouts using Gutenberg in WordPress.

First, here are the “Before & After” shots of my progress today.

Feb 1st – BEFORE
Feb 1st – AFTER

What I worked on today:

  • Switched the home page from my blog listing to a static front page.
  • Using a child theme of ‘Shoreditch’ I created a panel page layout using sub-pages for each section.
  • Uploaded a few images and experimented with how to display them on the home page.
  • Added a contact form to the home page. It is the same exact form on the Contact page so I will experiment with Google Tag Manager on how to differentiate between where form submissions are sent from. A workaround would be to just have two forms, but then that’s not really the best design.
  • I embedded a list of recent blog posts into the blog section panel on the home page using a plugin “Widgets on Pages” which makes content placement a bit more flexible.
  • I embedded a YouTube video from my channel “Ed’s Got a Green Screen” using the built-in block in the editor. Seems to work pretty well. (Please feel free to stop by and SUBSCRIBE!)

What’s next?

  • More images.
  • More home page layout fun.
  • Experimenting with typography.
  • Finish navigation.
  • Add lots of content!