Some last minute progress.

When I got home tonight I was a bit frustrated with my lack of progress on my resume and my personal branding website and I resolved to get something done before calling it a night.

Here is my progress for tonight:

  1. I started with my resume. Since my resume, especially the “profile summary” part of it was my primary source of frustration and my biggest stumbling block to getting back on track I hit it head on and I am happy with the result. Might polish it up as I go, but this works for now.
  2. Next I made a short list of technical details I could easily set up on the website and quickly worked through them. Most of these do not alter the front end of the website, but are necessary pieces of the puzzle.
    • Google Analytics – set up property and added tracking code.
    • Google Search Console – set up property and verified it.
    • Contact 7 – a popular WP form plugin for my contact page.
    • Font Awesome – a plugin to make using Font Awesome glyphs. Good for social media icons, etc.
    • ReCaptcha – a Google service for form validation. It’s like the “type these characters” form verification, but without needed the extra field.
  3. Created a Contact page with Font Awesome and Contact 7 plugins. Too late to finish tonight, but it will end up being a very clean mobile first page with icon buttons for contacting me via social media, email, or phone with a very basic contact form at the bottom. I will point the domain “” at this page once the page is complete.

That’s it for now. Tomorrow I am going to get back after it and get most of the website done, especially the “Ed for Hire” portion. I would like to be in a position to start applying to multiple jobs a day starting Wednesday. We’ll see how much premium coffee I can get my hands on between now and then.